5 Fun Ways to See Los Angeles After LASIK!

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There’s a lot to love about living in Los Angeles. From bustling Koreatown with karaoke and Korean BBQ to exploring Hollywood Boulevard, it’s easy to fall in love with the City of Angels. But, could glasses and contacts be taking away from the full LA experience?

It may be time to consider vision correction surgery! Procedures like LASIK and SMILE eye surgery can correct vision and reduce dependence on visual aids like glasses and contact lenses, making life in the sunny city a breeze.

Keep reading to learn 5 fun ways to see more of Los Angeles after LASIK!

Pair of sunglasses1. Stay cool in a nice pair of sunglasses

Catering to your prescription can take the fun out of shopping for sunglasses, a fashion dilemma easily remedied by corrective eye surgeries like LASIK. Keep the sun out of your eyes and save some money by reducing your need for prescription lenses! With more sunglass options to pick from, you can purchase multiple pairs to go with any look, and misplacing a pair won’t break the bank.

After vision correction surgery, you will be advised to wear UV protection sunglasses when outdoors for the first few days following the procedure, helping protect your eyes from temporary light sensitivity and to keep dust and wind out of your eyes. So, pick out your new favorite pair in preparation for the big day!

What you buy is up to you, but it’s a lot easier to keep your cool when you run into your favorite Hollywood star if you have great shades on!

Hollywood sign2. Take the perfect picture in front of the Hollywood sign

Admit it: you’ve probably thought about taking a selfie in front of the Hollywood sign at least once. It’s one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks and a part of what makes Los Angeles so unique. Have you ever thought about how glasses and contacts can impact the perfect “selfie” moment?

On a bright, beautiful LA day, your glasses can cast a glare that hides your eyes and takes away from the photo-op. And if you’re wearing contact lenses on a windy day, this can cause discomfort and even redness that could throw off your look.

What if you ditch the glasses and contacts for LASIK? You’ll be picture perfect for your Hollywood sign (or any) selfie in no time at all!

People eating food 3. Spend your money on experiences, not glasses

Los Angeles has it all. A foodie city through and through, there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from for any meal your heart desires. There are hot shopping spots like Rodeo Drive, and plenty of attractions to explore at the Santa Monica Pier.

Wouldn’t you rather be spending your hard-earned money on exploring Los Angeles, rather than on glasses and contact lenses?

Glasses alone can be quite costly. They can break or get scratched, and it’s not uncommon to own multiple pairs in order to switch things up from time to time. Quality glasses aren’t cheap, and can easily cost $500 or more per pair.

Contact lenses, on the other hand, are made for short-term vision correction. While they provide a sans-glasses appearance, they can be a tiresome expense when used regularly – on average, contact-wearers spend $500 per year replacing their lenses. Whether you use daily lenses or monthlies, ditching these tiny visual aids can result in big savings.

Vision correction procedures like LASIK or SMILE do require an initial investment, but it’s just that: an investment. Vision correction can actually save you money long-term by negating future vision care expenses!

Universal Studios, Los Angeles4. Enjoy the attractions at Universal Studios in Hollywood

It’s time to say “no, thank you” to contact lens irritation on the Flight of the Hippogriff, losing your glasses running from zombies at The Walking Dead attraction, or simply not being able to see well during the world-famous Special Effects Show.

Here’s a solution: LASIK in Los Angeles with Rex Hamilton M.D. at Santa Monica Eye Medical Group. LASIK has a quick and easy recovery period, and after vision correction, you can see and do it all without irritation!

There’s almost no downtime between the procedure and your journey to clear vision, so you can get back to exploring LA in no time.

Most patients that undergo LASIK even go back to work the next day! And the best part: 99% of Dr. Hamilton’s patients had 20/20 results or better in 2018!

Surfing in Santa Monica5. Hit the surf in Santa Monica

Surfing and vision aids like contacts and glasses don’t mix. The FDA recommends that contact-wearers do not use contacts for underwater use, and swimming in contact lenses can result in infection, irritation, or more serious and sight-threatening conditions.

Trying to wear glasses in the ocean is hardly a better solution: it’s not uncommon to lose, damage, or break your glasses when getting tossed around in the surf. Many surfers opt to leave their glasses or contacts behind in the car, but would likely agree that surfing with clear vision is more gratifying (and safe!).

Vision correction procedures like SMILE and LASIK can help adventurous Los Angeles residents to surf, swim, hike, and explore Los Angeles comfortably and with excellent vision.

Are you curious if LASIK or other vision correction options could be right for you? Schedule your LASIK consultation at Santa Monica Eye Medical Group in Los Angeles, and begin the visual journey of a lifetime.

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