Dr. Hamilton Achieves 99% 20/20 LASIK Results

Dr. Hamilton has achieved post-operative LASIK results of 20/20 or better in 99% of his patients for 2018! This is a remarkable result, placing him among the elite of refractive surgeons in Southern California. Dr. Hamilton attributes this level of success to many of his practices that separate him from other ophthalmologists who perform LASIK:… Read More

LASIK: Separating Fact from Fiction

You have likely heard about LASIK, but you might not have all of the facts. It’s important to separate fact from fiction before undergoing LASIK surgery. That way, you will know exactly what to expect with this procedure. Fact: No One Has Ever Gone Blind from LASIK There are a lot of myths swirling around about… Read More

Should Patients With Astigmatism Get SMILE?

When it comes to vision correction, it’s likely that you’ve heard of LASIK. Vision correction procedures have improved and changed immensely over the years! In 2018, almost anyone can find a procedure that will allow them to live without glasses or contacts, even if they are not a candidate for LASIK. Now, there’s a new… Read More

4 LASIK Statistics You Should Know About

Are you on the fence about getting LASIK? On one hand, you want to see better, but on the other hand, you still aren’t sure if it’s right for you. Knowledge always helps. Check out these important LASIK stats and get one step closer to booking that consultation! Over 95 Percent of People Are Happy… Read More

Dr. Hamilton is a Super Doctor ®!

Dr. Rex Hamilton has once again been selected by his peers as an outstanding physician in Southern California. After an extensive nomination and research process conducted by a company affiliated with the Los Angeles Times, Dr. Hamilton was determined to be a Super Doctor, putting him amongst the top 5% of physicians in SoCal this… Read More

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