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Dr. Hamilton Featured in EyeWorld article about SMILE Eye Surgery

An article from ASCRS’s EyeWorld magazine was recently published discussing the FDA approval of SMILE with Astigmatism as well as the new laser parameters available to surgeons. Featured in the article is our very own Dr. Rex Hamilton, who explains the intricacies and benefits of these new laser parameters. “We have the smaller incision going… Read More

5 Fun Ways to See Los Angeles After LASIK!

There’s a lot to love about living in Los Angeles. From bustling Koreatown with karaoke and Korean BBQ to exploring Hollywood Boulevard, it’s easy to fall in love with the City of Angels. But, could glasses and contacts be taking away from the full LA experience? It may be time to consider vision correction surgery!… Read More

Is This the Presbyopia Cure You’ve Been Looking For?

You’ve likely heard of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and maybe even astigmatism. But do you know what presbyopia is? If you’re in your forties or fifties, do you need reading glasses for reading menus, checking price tags, and looking at your smartphone? You could be experiencing presbyopia! Keep reading to learn options to control and manage presbyopia…. Read More

Dr. Hamilton Performs Bilateral Visian Toric ICL Surgery

Dr. Rex Hamilton of the Santa Monica Eye Medical Group recently performed bilateral implantable contact lens (or ICL) surgery using STAAR Surgical’s new Visian Toric ICL. Recently approved by the FDA, this type of ICL is a new solution for individuals with high levels of myopia as well as astigmatism. An ICL is placed in… Read More

Is Technology to Blame for Millennial Dry Eye?

Do you suffer from dry or itchy eyes? Do you work in front of a computer or own a smartphone? Thousands of millennials in Santa Monica and throughout Los Angeles work in tech environments that require extended screen use, and our beloved technology is contributing to the dry eye problem. Whether you realize it or… Read More

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