LASIK, What Does It Correct?

Without prior training in ophthalmology, it can be difficult to tell the differences between one refractive procedure from another. Terminology always seems to change depending on what website or flyer you are looking at, and your eyes may skip over after the 50th mention of the phrase “advanced laser vision technology.” Here at the Santa… Read More

Six LASIK Recovery Tips

People throughout the Los Angeles area have had great success with LASIK. This is because it is one of the safest and most effective vision correction procedures worldwide. The vast majority of people that have undergone the procedure say that it is the best decision they have ever made because it has dramatically improved their… Read More

LASIK versus SMILE: Which is Right for You?

LASIK has been the go-to refractive surgery to improve eyesight in the 21st century. It’s effective, safe, and offers a very short recovery time. But is there a new contender to finally rival LASIK? SMILE, or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, has only been available to the American public for a little over a year. In… Read More

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